The Ultimate Guide to PRNewswire Pricing

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If you're a business owner, you've probably heard about the benefits of PRWeb Pricing. But if you're not sure how much it costs to publish your own PRNewswire release or what other options there are out there, this guide will help clear things up!

How much does a PRNewswire press release cost?

The price of a PRNewswire press release depends on the size of your release, how many words are in it, and when you want to distribute it.

The price is based on a number called “cost per word” or CPM (cost per thousand). This is calculated by dividing the cost of print advertising by 1,000 times the number of words in an advertisement. For example, A 300-word ad with an average CPM would cost $300 x 1,000 = $30000 total advertising expense for that particular article/press release; however if this same 300-word ad had an average CPM of only 5 cents per word (that means each word costs just 5 cents), then its total advertising expense would be $2125 ($30000/5).

What are the different pricing options for a PRNewswire press release?

The pricing of a PRNewswire press release depends on the type of release and its content.

  • Press releases: These are typically used to announce new products or services, feature stories about your company, and other newsworthy events that have been covered in the media (such as breaking news). The length of these releases varies depending on how much space you provide for writing or if you want to include pictures/videos. Press Release Pricing ranges from $1-$3 per word ($80-$250+).

  • News bulletins: This type of press release will be published as part of an ongoing series called "News Bulletins" which also includes other types such as opinion pieces, infographics, and social media posts from our social channels such as Twitter & Facebook, etc., which can be found within this section under "Live Content." These types usually contain fewer than 200 words each but may also include up-to-date market research statistics related directly back towards any given product line being promoted here - so check out what else we offer too!

What are the differences between PRWeb, PRNewswire, Marketwired, and Business Wire pricing?

  • PRWeb is cheaper than PRNewswire.

  • PRNewswire is cheaper than Business Wire.

  • Marketwired has one of the highest prices in the industry, but it does have some great features and benefits that are worth it if you can afford them.

How much money can I make using a press release distribution service like PRNewswire?

A press release distribution service like Marketwired Pricing  can help you get more customers, traffic to your website, exposure for your brand, links to your website, and social media shares. In other words:

  • Press releases can help you get more customers.

  • Press releases can help you get more traffic to your site.

  • Press releases can help you get more exposure for your brand.

The bottom line is that if someone has a story about how great something is or what's happening in their industry right now (and they want people who might not know about it), then sharing this information via an article written by someone else could be exactly what those potential customers need!

Press releases can be expensive but they have benefits that are worth the cost.

Press releases are expensive, but they have benefits that are worth the cost.

PRNewswire is the most expensive option in this category with a price tag of $600 per press release (though you can save money by getting access to PRWeb). But if you want a high level of professionalism and quality control, it's worth paying for an expert who knows how to craft them well.

You also get more functionality from PRNewswire than other services: You can embed videos, images, and slideshows into your story and add links directly from your website or social media accounts; there will be no need for additional software downloads or complicated sign-up procedures!


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of PRNewswire pricing and how to get the most out of your Business Wire Pricing. Press releases can be an effective way to promote your business, build brand awareness and generate leads – but only if they’re done right. Make sure that every press release you send out is unique and makes sense for each company or organization. Also, be sure not to send any duplicate emails or messages out! If all goes well, then we’re confident that our guide on how much a PRNewswire press release costs will help you save money while still getting the results you want from them!

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