Whiteland the Aspen Gurgaon a Stunning New Development

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Discover the Splendor of Whiteland The Aspen in Gurgaon

Whiteland The Aspen is a new residential project in Gurgaon. It is located in Sector 76, which offers you all the luxuries of living like a king with its modern amenities and facilities.

Whiteland The Aspen comprises of two towers - One-Billion Tower (1B) & Two Billion Tower (2B), each having 24 floors consisting of villas with roof top gardens or balconies. Each floor has 4 apartments measuring at 1000 sqft each spread over 5 storeys along with 3 car parking slots on each floor that you can use during weekends as well as weekdays to park your cars safely without any hassle or hassles while leaving them parked there overnight too!

Another highlight about this project is that it has been designed by world renowned architects such as Skidmore Owings Merrill LLP along with Leighton Buzzard Ltd., who have created an elegant yet contemporary architectural design for its residents which makes it stand out from other projects nearby due to its unique features; these include:

Why Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 is the Perfect Choice

Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 Gurgaon is a new development that combines luxury living with a luxurious lifestyle. Situated at the heart of Gurgaon's city, it offers its residents a wide range of amenities and conveniences to make their lives easier.

Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 is a gated community that has been designed to provide everything you need for an enjoyable stay in the city. With its many facilities and services available within easy reach, this property ensures that your every need will be met by someone who understands exactly what you're looking for from your home or apartment!

Unveiling the Amenities at Whiteland The Aspen

Whiteland New Projects in Sector 76, Gurgaon. It is a luxury residential project by The Aspen Group and Ashok Leyland.

The main highlight of this development is its location, which makes it one of the most sought after locations for residents. Located close to Huda City Centre and DLF Promenade Mall, it boasts of being within walking distance from several metro stations as well as schools and hospitals.

Why Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 Gurgaon is a Wise Choice

Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 Gurgaon is a smart choice.

Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 Gurgaon is a great choice.

Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 Gurgaon is a great project.

Exploring the Design of Whiteland The Aspen Gurgaon

The design of Whiteland The Aspen Gurgaon is inspired by nature, with a focus on creating an environment that blends in with its surroundings. The building is designed to be a good neighbour and business partner.

The facade features natural stone, which is complimented by glass walls that allow sunlight to enter throughout the day. This creates an inviting atmosphere for all residents who live here!

Experience the Convenience of Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76

Whiteland The Aspen is located in Sector 76, Gurgaon. The location of this project makes it easy to access all that Gurgaon has to offer: schools, hospitals and more!

This development offers residents with parking spaces for their vehicles as well as secure access gates that allow you to enter your home with ease. It also has amenities like swimming pools and gyms so you can relax after work or playtime at the gym. The many services offered by this development will make life easier for anyone who lives here : laundry service onsite; maids available 24 hours a day; daily housekeeping included in rent - just ask us about these great features!

The connectivity available here is perfect for those who need quick access between public transportation hubs such as the HUDA Metro Station (Red Line) or DLF City Center Mall (Orange Line). If you don't want to drive yourself around during rush hour then take advantage of our free shuttle service which runs every twenty minutes throughout peak hours! You'll be able to get around town quickly without worrying about traffic jams on major roads leading into area communities although if parking becomes too difficult then we recommend purchasing an annual pass from AutoRent India instead since they offer unlimited mileage across multiple routes within Delhi NCR excluding any tolls applied per vehicle type."

What Sets Whiteland The Aspen Apart from Other Projects

  • Whiteland The Aspen is a new project, which means that it has not been around for long and therefore is still in its early stages.

  • Whiteland The Aspen is a luxury project, which means that it has many amenities and facilities that other developments do not have.

  • Whiteland The Aspen is a different kind of development because it appeals to people who want something different from other developments in the area. This can be seen by looking at the layout of this building, as well as its location where there are no buildings nearby except for some trees but nothing else! Also notice how clean everything looks inside; there are no signs of dirt or grime anywhere!

Understanding the Layout of Whiteland The Aspen Gurgaon

Whiteland The Aspen Sector 76 is a residential project that has been recently developed in Gurgaon. It is located in Sector 76 and has a total built up area of 7.8 acres. The development consists of 695 units, each having an approximate size of 1350 sq ft (132 sq m), which makes it one of the largest projects in the area.

The project has been designed by ARA Architects & Planners LLP with consultation from Panchshil Realty Developers LLP & Anmol Infraprojects Pvt Ltd

Elevate Your Lifestyle at Whiteland The Aspen

Whiteland The Aspen is a new project in Gurgaon. It has been designed by the renowned architect firm Sushil Kumar, who has designed many of the most luxurious projects in India and abroad. The building is made up of two towers: a main tower with four floors and an adjoining penthouse with five floors that overlooks it. This gives you plenty of space for entertaining guests or simply relaxing on your balcony overlooking this beautiful landscape!

The interior design of Whiteland The Aspen is nothing short of stunning too; its spacious interiors feature high ceilings, large windows and wooden flooring throughout – giving you maximum natural light throughout! You can choose from several different layouts depending on how many people will be staying there (whether alone or with friends), so that everyone feels comfortable while they're there together too!

Discover the Surrounding Area of Whiteland The Aspen Gurgaon

  • Whiteland is located in Gurgaon. It is a new residential development that was built by Aspen Homes.

  • The surrounding area has many amenities such as schools, hospitals and entertainment centers.

  • The people who live in this area are very friendly and welcoming to tourists because they want to make sure you have a good time while visiting them. They will also help you find places to eat if you need recommendations.

Whiteland The Aspen is a project that offers you the highest level of luxury and comfort in Gurgaon. Designed by some of India’s leading architects, it is one of the most sought after residences in this city, with its breathtaking architecture, state-of-the-art amenities and elegant decor.

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