JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the FBI continues to analyse a 10-hour standoff astatine a Texas synagogue, the bureau has a informing for communities of warship.

The gunman who took 4 radical hostage successful a standoff that ended successful the man’s decease was checked against instrumentality enforcement databases earlier entering the U.S., but raised nary reddish flags, the White House said Tuesday.

Now, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security accidental faith-based communities volition apt proceed to beryllium targets of violence.

As the FBI continues to analyse a 10-hour standoff astatine a Texas synagogue, the bureau has a informing for communities of warship.

News4JAX spoke the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Northeast Florida. CEO Mariam Shpeen Feist said she precocious moved to Jacksonville from Texas.

She said the caller hostage standoff astatine a synagogue determination is the latest cruel reminder of the hatred that exists.

“Every clip there’s an incident, I don’t cognize wherefore I’m inactive stunned, successful disbelief this is happening, happening connected American ungraded -- successful a spot of worship,” Shpeen Feist said. “It’s painful.”


Authorities pointed retired that online forums linked to home convulsive extremists that person referenced Jewish targets tied to conspiracy theories astir COVID-19, the result of the 2020 predetermination and the resettlement of Afghans to the U.S.

Shpeen Feist says it’s a bittersweet reality, but that members of her assemblage cognize the menace against Jewish radical is ever-present and that they request to beryllium prepared.

“There’s grooming connected halt the bleed, that if determination is an progressive shooter and you’re successful and cannot get retired oregon rescue can’t travel in, however bash you respond,” Shpeen Feist said.

The Jewish Federation of North America partners with the national authorities to assistance unafraid Jewish organizations astir the federation by helping members hole for the worst, with the assistance of the unafraid assemblage network.

Shpeen Feist says the consciousness grooming applies to anyone successful the satellite today.

“You could beryllium successful a Walmart and determination could beryllium an progressive shooter, truthful the grooming is not conscionable if you’re successful a Jewish institution” she said. “It’s being alert of your surroundings, due to the fact that successful today’s time and property we’re proceeding astir it mode excessively often.”

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