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NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper was photographed holding a motion that reads “closed for business” successful beforehand of what the Sheriff’s Office said is simply a suspected cause location successful the municipality of Hilliard connected Lake Hampton Road.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Orvel Lloyd, 80, owns the location and was arrested connected assorted charges. A justice acceptable his enslaved astatine $750,000.

Narcotics detectives accidental the probe into Lloyd began aft paramedics were called to Lloyd’s location aggregate times successful effect to cause overdoses involving antithetic people.

Nassau County deputies unopen down a suspected cause location successful Hillard, wherever they accidental 80-year aged Orvel Lloyd was utilizing it arsenic a spot to merchantability meth and fentanyl arsenic good arsenic a spot for cause addicts to get high.

Detectives said their probe revealed Lloyd was selling meth and fentanyl retired of the house, arsenic good arsenic allowing the location to beryllium utilized arsenic a spot wherever radical could get high.

Detectives said erstwhile they raided the home, they recovered aggregate bags of meth and packages of fentanyl.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Looyd was charged with 3 counts of merchantability of methamphetamine, merchantability of fentanyl, possession of cause paraphernalia with cause residue, possession of controlled substance, trafficking successful methamphetamine implicit 14 grams, purchasing controlled substance with intent to sell, and keeping a spot wherever controlled substance sold declared a nationalist nuisance.


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